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dir. Agnieszka Błońska

photo: Tomasz Ostrowski

"DEVILS" directed by Agnieszaka Błońska

Premiere 7 December 2019 Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw

Before the premiere, I talked to Agnieszka Blonska, the director of the play

Agnieszka Błońska: 'Devils' is an attempt to read Iwaszkiewicz from a female perspective. Iwaszkiewicz is first and foremost the inspiration and starting point for the work. It is not an adaptation or a faithful recreation of the story. Elements of it appear, but the most important are the themes we worked with, which inspired the material and text that will be in the performance.

Tomasz Ostrowski: Perceptions of women and their position in society?

Not just the perception of women in society. Rather, looking at the theme of the body and the colonisation of the female body by patriarchy. The Catholic Church is the guardian of patriarchy in our culture. Here, of course, this direct inspiration is Iwaszkiewicz. But we were curious about the subject of externalised patriarchy. To what extent we are all its bearers, women too. It is an attempt to look at the narratives we are in. How we are in them. How we are viewed by others and perceived by others. How women are stigmatised by such narratives. The female body and female pleasure.

One man among women?

One man among women. He had an uneasy task, has an uneasy task. No one knows.

From what position does he perform in the play?

This is a difficult question to answer. You are cordially invited to the performance. He is one of the actors. There is a group of actors that we are watching. They narrate what we want to talk about. These male positions, female positions, and maybe everything in between.

Will all actresses be Joan of Angels mothers?

As I said, this is not a faithful recreation of Iwaszkiewicz's short story. As such, it could be read that way, or maybe not. But it's not set in Iwaszkiewicz directly. So in a sense they are Joanns, but that's probably a longer interpretative question when it comes to the whole thing.

How would you like to encourage the audience to see the play?

Come and face the demons that lie within us.

Good announcement, thank you.



directing: Agnieszka Błońska
screenplay and drama: Jeanne Wichowska
set design: Robert Rumas
choreography: Nina Chyżna
video projections and light: Artur Sienicki
costumes: Arek Ślesiński
musical development: Agnieszka Błońska
assistant director: Krystyna Bednarek
stage manager - Barbara Sadowska

Karolina Adamczyk, Klara Bielawka, Aleksandra Bożek, Arkadiusz Brykalski, Oksana Czerkaszyna (gościnnie), Natalia Łągiewczyk, Maria Robaszkiewicz

photo: Tomasz Ostrowski